Welcome to Treated Timber Products

Specialists in the production of transmission, telephone and fencing poles. Treated Timber Products is the largest producer of utility poles in the southern hemisphere. With our four treating plants strategically positioned within 100 km's of both Durban and Maputo harbours, we are able to serve the export market with comparative ease. Our local and global customers are the national electricity supply utilities, national telecommunications utilities, provincial governments, regional municipalities and turnkey installation companies.

Transmission, telecommunications and customer specified poles are produced from eucalyptus and Pine trees and are treated to the South African National Standard, SANS 754, or any other recognized national standards. Our poles are treated with preservatives including Creosote or Copper Chrome Arsenate (CCA).

Treated Timber Products caries a minimum stockpile of 45 000m3 of both treated and dried poles, which gives us the capacity to ensure reliability of supply and the ability to meet large orders at any time